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Motivation – oncological situation in the region

Research of cancer and intensive development of novel preventive and therapeutic measures is of utmost social and socio-economic importance in the whole developed world, where almost a third of the population is diagnosed with some kind of cancer in their life (cumulative risk of 30.1% by age 75) and approximately half of these cases are fatal (cumulative risk of 15.0% by age 75) [1]. In the Czech Republic alone (ca. 10 million inhabitants) over 70 000 new cancer patients are reported each year and 27 000 dies [2].

The topics of cancer research include the origins and causes of cancer, its pathophysiology, mechanisms of interaction with the hosts’ tissues, organs and immune system, metastatic activity as well as of the reaction to individual (both surgical and non-surgical) treatment procedures. Population point of view (epidemiology) opens other approaches to understand carcinogenesis, development and spreading of cancer. In the field of cancer genomics, we need to understand the complex relationship between the genetic makeup of the tumor cells and their susceptibility/resistance to different therapeutic substances and regimens. Even though the unprecedented boom of sequencing technology has made the genetic information accessible to the researchers, it is still exceptionally difficult to read and understand because of the inherent heterogeneity of cancer cells.

For these reasons, cancer research is one of the research priorities of Biomedical Center. Its location in Pilsen gives it the unfortunate advantage of sample availability as the Pilsen region shows exceptionally high incidence of various cancer types like kidney, urinary bladder or, in particular, colorectal carcinoma

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