The Chaperon ERA Research Club invites you to participate in our next Student Event: “The use of AI in literature review”

Time and place: 14th of June, 3 pm, seminar room 01.2.21 in Biomedical Center
The event is organized as part of Chaperon’s social events for PhD students, however anybody interested will be very welcome in both, the lecture as well as socializing afterwards. First Anna Landrgottová from the Informatics Department will give us a short talk about Chat GPT and litterature review, and afterwards we can workshop around a bit together to explore further uses.
„Join us for an engaging workshop on leveraging AI for scientific literature review! Explore the cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence in analyzing and extracting valuable insights from scholarly works. From automated data extraction to advanced text mining techniques, this workshop will delve into the powerful tools that revolutionize literature reviews in the realm of natural sciences. Discover how AI can enhance your research process and enable you to uncover key findings efficiently. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of scientific literature review!“ – Written by Chat GPT