PhD and postdoc positions still available

We are seeking students for several Ph.D. study topics (download PDF flyer) as well as postdoctoral fellows in translational cancer research (molecular biology, immunology, bioinformatics).

The Ph.D. study topics are:

Application deadline: November 30, 2020 (Please contact the appropriate tutor at least two weeks before the deadline)

Online applications and information:

Administration of Ph.D. studies: Daniela Vyzrálová | | Tel: +420 377 593 466, +420 773 768 811 | Department of Science and Research | Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

The focus of the postdoc positions will be initially on colorectal cancer. The aims are to assess genetic and cellular changes taking place in the progression of colorectal cancer from precursor tumors (adenomas) to single or multiple colorectal cancers and lastly to metastases. The results will help to understand the role of genetic and cellular events at different phases of tumor development with possible clues about therapeutic targets. While the evidence shows that majority of colorectal carcinomas evolve from adenomatous polyps it is also believed that most neoplastic adenomas may not evolve to cancer. Immune system plays a key role in trying to suppress malignant transformation. Under the pressure of immune surveillance, surviving tumor cells tend to selectively accumulate traits that help them evade immune destruction.

METHODS: Studies are carried out in close collaboration with clinical departments allowing access to human samples, genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and immunological analyses will focus on use of pathological slides and frozen tissue samples from polyps of early adenomas, colorectal tumors and adjacent gut epithelial samples and tumor metastases. The analysis will include DNA and mRNA targeted and next generation sequencing, copy number analyses, epigenomic profiling immunohistochemistry. The laboratory is well equipped with RT-PCR, Illumina Miseq, PacBio Sequel, capillary sequencer, Agilent SureScan microarray scanner, cell culture, proteomics but also for animal surgery.


  • PhD or equivalent in molecular biology, genetics, immunology, medicine or bioinformatics
  • Scientific and technical skills shown in publications
  • Motivation and ability to conduct collaborative work
  • Communication skills in oral and written English

If you want to apply for a postdoc postition, please contact Prof. Kari Hemminki, Ph.D. ( until November 30!