Germline genetic landscape of colorectal cancers

Screening for colorectal tumors can aid early diagnosis. Prof. Kari Hemminki (European Research Area Chair of Translational Oncology) at the lecture “Germline genetic landscape of colorectal cancers” in the Colorectal Cancer Symposium of Zhejiang University was held on May 13 to 16, 2021 with 800 participants has reviewed data on familial risk in colorectal cancer (CRC) generated from the Swedish Family Cancer Database, the largest resource of its kind in the world as well as familial risk is largely characterized by 2-fold risk, polygenic, rare high-risk familial clustering is largely covered by known genes, and the novel high-risk genes may be very rare. Because different cancers could be caused by shared genetic susceptibility or shared environment, data of associations of discordant cancers may provide useful information for identifying common risk factors.